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Enjoy the sounds of quality LIVE MUSIC provided by our favourite talented musicians. The music is easy-listening, ranging from the latest popular songs to the classics you love.

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April Event Musician
Saturday April 6 Chris Lee
Saturday April 13 Jamie Baldwin
Saturday April 20  Easter Weekend Graham Bedard
Saturday April 27  Dave Usselman

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May Event Musician
Saturday May 4 Graham Bedard
Saturday May 11 Mother’s Day Weekend  Jamie Baldwin
Saturday May 18 Michael Vanhevel
Saturday May 25  Dave Usselman

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June Event Musician
Saturday June 1 Jason Mercer
Saturday June 8 Graham Bedard
Saturday June 15  Father’s Day Weekend
Saturday June 29 Dave Usselman

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July Event Musician
Saturday July 6 Jason Mercer
Saturday July 13 Chris Lee
Saturday July 20 Graham Bedard
Saturday July 27 Dave Usselman

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August Event Musician
Saturday August 3 Jason Mercer
Saturday August 10 Michael Vanhevel
Saturday August 17 Dave Usselman
Saturday August 24 Chris Lee
Saturday August 31 Graham Bedard


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